Take your shooting to the next level!

Advanced Self-Shooter Course

  • 1

    Welcome to the course ( 1 lessons )

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Contributors and presenters ( 2 lessons )

    • Shooting a PTC on the move

    • Shooting an interview on the move

  • 3

    More about lenses and sensors ( 2 lessons )

    • How many lenses do you need for a shoot?

    • How the sensor expands your storytelling potential

  • 4

    Advanced obs doc ( 2 lessons )

    • Filming with presenters in obs doc style

    • Filming the 'chaos' – 2 people talking at once…

  • 5

    Advanced setup ( 1 lessons )

    • LOG, ISO, EI & Bit depth - an explanation

  • 6

    Advanced lighting ( 2 lessons )

    • Lighting a scene and face at night

    • Supplementing daylight

  • 7

    Your Sony FS7 ( 1 lessons )

    • Sony FS7 Visual Bytes

  • 8

    Practical exercises ( 2 lessons )

    • Walking with a handheld camera

    • Shooting the unpredictable

Meet your instructor

Jeremy Humphries

Jeremy is an award winning, BAFTA nominated, BBC trained Director of Photography with over 30 years’ experience shooting documentaries for BBC, C4, ITV, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. He is also a Sony Independent Certified Expert and his camera craft training is sought across the broadcast sector.

Jeremy has a passion for telling stories with his camera. YourSkills2Film trains you to do the same.


Grierson Trust trainee

I feel as if I'm more knowledgeable through listening to you than I am from when I finished my filmmaking degree!

BBC trainee

So helpful, thanks for sharing your wisdom.


What a brilliant resource, so helpful and inspirational!


Thank you for doing these - they are absolutely fascinating and hugely insightful.