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If a picture is worth a thousand words, just think what your business can say with video. Although creating your own video content is now essential in corporate communications, few do it well. And yet, with just a few simple skills and techniques, and even just a mobile phone, creating sharp, compelling content is straightforward, rewarding and fun, building company pride and business results.

So harness the power of video. Tell your business story. Sharpen your content. Sell your brand.

We cover:
Engaging your viewer and telling a story with the camera
Filming on a smartphone
Creating conditions for a successful interview
Presenting on screen authentically and comfortably
Taking your idea from page to screen
Sourcing and learning to use the kit
The edit

Video drives business results

  • 75% of executives watch videos on business-related websites every week (Forbes)

  • Video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157% (Conversion XL)

  • Social media posts with video have 48% more views (HubSpot)

  • The average user dwells 88% longer on websites with video (Forbes)

Benefits of YourSkills2Film Team Training

  • Producing your own in-house content saves time and money.

  • Upskills your team’s offering and value.

  • New freedom to create training or induction videos and presentations without ad agency costs.

  • Build social media and e-newsletter engagement.

  • Increase website traffic, visitor dwell time and purchase.

  • Improve and align company culture across offices, regions and countries.

Team training options include:

  • Bespoke Training Workshop

    A workshop tailored to your video content creation needs.

  • Beginner or Advanced Course

    Your membership includes beginner or advanced level instruction depending on your team members' needs.

  • 3 Additional Libraries

    Meet the experts library
    i-Byte library
    Sony camera reviews

  • Consultancy

    Specific guidance on equipment procurement, scoping a project or troubleshooting.

  • Personal Film Clip Review

    Each team member will receive a monthly film clip review from Jeremy who will give personal feedback and guidance to improve their skills.

  • Dedicated Monthly Online Q&A Sessions

    Jeremy will host a monthly online group Q&A session just for your team members. Get your team specific questions answered face-to-face by Jeremy.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Upon completion of the Beginner or Advanced course team members will receive a certificate that they can use as a part of their professional credentials.

  • Dedicated Community

    You'll get a dedicated community discussion forum just for your team. Members can swap ideas and Jeremy will be available to answer queries.

What companies are saying about our training


Since the training, I have filmed twelve internal training videos, and made two short interview films featuring the CMO and CEO of our US business.

Russell Investments

I've been very impressed with the quality of the videos we have produced since the training and we now have the equipment, skills and know how to develop rich media content to communicate with clients on a regular basis.

Sedgwick International UK

Over three bespoke online training sessions we have covered key aspects of video production and looked in detail at both the technical and creative side of content creation. Jeremy's tips and advice have given us a wealth of ideas for making our productions more interesting and effective. These discussions have been really inspiring.

TK Maxx

Jeremy took on board everything we said on the call we had before the training. I felt like the content was tailored for our needs. The day was very informative. One of the best workshops I have attended.


Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your knowledge and skills with us – we all had a brilliant day.

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