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YourSkills2Film. The complete guide to self-shooting. On Demand. Online. Face2Face.

Today’s self-shooter doesn’t get a crew to learn from on the job, or even see their material cut in the edit. So where should your talent turn to pick up their skills and thrive behind the camera?

YourSkills2Film is here to fill that gap, with training and mentorship for both beginners and established self-shooters, online, on-demand and face-to-face.

With Jeremy’s curriculum-led programme, self-shooters of all levels can access the mentorship and learning they need to grow their craft and become master storytellers you can count on in the field.

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Benefits of YourSkills2Film camera craft skills training

  • Gives you the confidence that your self-shooters have the right training for their next job.

  • Ensures that your team has no gaps in their skills and allows them to adapt to technology and thrive on location.

  • Enhance the quality of your company’s overall content and storytelling output.

Team training options include:

  • Bespoke Training Workshop

    A workshop specifically tailored around the needs and experience of your team members, from self-shooters through to the production team.

  • Beginner or Advanced Course

    Your membership includes beginner or advanced level instruction depending on your self-shooters' needs.

  • 3 Additional Libraries

    Meet the experts library
    i-Byte library
    Sony camera reviews

  • Consultancy

    Specific guidance on equipment procurement, scoping a project or troubleshooting.

  • Personal Film Clip Review

    Each team member will receive a monthly film clip review from Jeremy who will give personal feedback and guidance to improve their skills.

  • Dedicated Monthly Online Q&A Sessions

    Jeremy will host a monthly online group Q&A session just for your team members. Get your team specific questions answered face-to-face by Jeremy.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Upon completion of the Beginner or Advanced Self-Shooting course team members will receive a certificate that they can use as a part of their professional credentials.

  • Dedicated Community

    You'll get a dedicated community discussion forum just for your team. Members can swap ideas and Jeremy will be available to answer queries.

What companies are saying about our training

IMG Media

More was learnt about formal camerawork in those 8 hours than in the previous decade.

Creative Director, Shine TV

He can turn an ordinary shooter into someone who can bring back very good material.

IMG Sports Media

Skills2Film has made a positive contribution to the development of self-shooting and editing skills at IMG Sports Media. I have been struck by Jeremy's dedicated and professional approach as he has implemented our brief across the team.


Thanks so much for today. Extremely helpful. I desperately tried to get that much tutoring out of my university lecturers!

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