Advanced Self-Shooter membership is a monthly subscription where you get access to all of Jeremy's courses and lessons for self-shooters looking to to go beyond the basics and optionally (with premium membership) get direct teaching support from Jeremy. Stay a member for as long as you like and cancel at anytime. Learn more below.

BASIC membership

Just want Jeremy's pre-recorded learning content?
Then a basic membership is for you. Here's what you get...

  • Advanced course

    The learning content you get with this membership is specifically tailored for intermediate or advanced self-shooting students.

  • 3 additional libraries

    Meet the experts library
    i-Byte library
    Sony camera reviews

  • Certificate of completion

    Upon completion of the Advanced self-shooting course you will receive a certificate that you can use as a part of your professional credentials.

PREMIUM membership

Want teaching support from Jeremy? Then the premium membership is for you.
You get everything included in the Basic Self-Shooter Membership (see above) PLUS you also get...

  • In-lesson Q&A

    In-lesson discussion (text chat) is enabled and Jeremy will monitor and answer your questions in a timely manner.

  • Monthly Group Q&A

    Once a month Jeremy will hold an interactive group Q&A session online and will answer your questions and expand on self-shooting concepts.

  • Personal Film Clip Review

    Jeremy will review one of your film clips each month and give you personal feedback and guidance to improve your skills.

What students are saying about our training

Grierson Trust trainee

I feel as if I'm more knowledgeable through listening to you than I am from when I finished my filmmaking degree!

BBC trainee

So helpful, thanks for sharing your wisdom.


What a brilliant resource and so helpful and inspirational!


Thank you for doing these - they are absolutely fascinating and hugely insightful.

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